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Its Mission, Goals, and Values

EmpoweringParks.com is a site that celebrates the transformative nature of our state and national parks, forests, lakes, rivers, and all open spaces. We truly believe in the spiritual and healing forces that lie within nature.

Our mission is to be your guide to discovering all these natural wonders. Our goal is to use our experiences and expertise to provide you with critical information, insider tips, stories, and pictures, as well as ideas for where to stay when visiting.

You can use the link above to find a park or natural area by state, or use the navigation to the right to browse national and state parks, recreation areas, wilderness areas, forests, rivers, and so much more!

This site embraces the values of ecotourism for all generations, celebrating and protecting the amazing natural bounty that awaits us in all 50 states.

Take a virtual tour and/or plan your visit today! The more you see and learn about these natural wonders, the more you'll experience nature's transformative powers.

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