Wyoming Natural Park Wonders

National and State Wonders Found in the Equality State:

Wyoming, known for the amazing Grand Tetons and stunning Devils Tower National Monument, is home to the second largest active sand dune field in the world (Killpecker Dunes), and a land where the Great Plains meets the Rocky Mountains -- punctuated by the Continental Divide.

Let us be your guide to discovering these natural wonders. Follow the links below to obtain more information, insider tips, and pictures, as well as ideas for where to stay when visiting.

Wyoming Welcome Sign National Parks:

  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Yellowstone National Park

    National Monuments:
  • Devils Tower National Monument. Established: 1906. [Official Site]
  • Fossil Butte National Monument. Established: 1972. [Official Site]

    National Scenic Trails:
  • Continental Divide National Scenic Trail [Official Site]

    National Recreation Trails:
  • Beartooth Loop Trail
  • Bucking Mule Falls Trail
  • Muddy Mountain Interpretive Nature Trail
  • Rock Creek-Deep Creek Trail
  • Sheridan National Recreation Trail
  • South Rim Trail
  • Wyoming Range Trail
  • Grand Teton National Park


    National Recreation Areas:
  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Location: straddles borders of south central Montana and north central Wyoming, home to Bighorn Lake (formed by the construction of the Yellowtail Dam), and administered by the National Park Service. [Official Site]
  • Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. Location: northeast corner of Utah and the southwest corner of Wyoming, and administered by the Forest Service as part of the Ashley National Forest. [Official Site]

    National Forests:
  • Ashley National Forest. Location: Vernal, Utah (as well as Wyoming). [Official Site]
  • Bighorn National Forest. Location: Sheridan, Wyoming. [Official Site]
  • Black Hills National Forest. Location: Custer, South Dakota (as well as Wyoming). [Official Site]
  • Bridger-Teton National Forest. Location: Jackson, Wyoming. [Official Site]
  • Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho (as well as Wyoming and Utah). [Official Site]
  • Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. Location: Laramie, Wyoming. [Official Site]
  • Shoshone National Forest. Location: Cody, Wyoming. [Official Site]

    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming National Grasslands:
  • Thunder Basin National Grassland [Official Site]

    National Wildlife Refuges:
  • Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge
  • Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
  • Hutton Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  • Mortenson Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  • National Elk Refuge
  • Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge
  • Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge

    National Wilderness Areas:
  • Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness
  • Bridger Wilderness
  • Cloud Peak Wilderness
  • Encampment River Wilderness
  • Fitzpatrick Wilderness
  • Gros Ventre Wilderness
  • Huston Park Wilderness
  • Jedediah Smith Wilderness
  • North Absaroka Wilderness
  • Platte River Wilderness
  • Popo Agie Wilderness
  • Savage Run Wilderness
  • Teton Wilderness
  • Washakie Wilderness
  • Winegar Hole Wilderness
  • Bridger National Wilderness


    National Scenic Roads and Byways:
  • Beartooth Scenic Byway

    Wyoming State Parks, Campgrounds, Recreational Areas:
  • Bear River State Park
  • Boysen State Park
  • Buffalo Bill State Park
  • Curt Gowdy State Park
  • Edness K Wilkins State Park
  • Glendo State Park
  • Guernsey State Park
  • Hawk Springs State Park
  • Hot Springs State Park
  • Keyhole State Park
  • Seminoe State Park
  • Sinks Canyon State Park

    Sinks Canyon State Park State Scenic Roads and Byways:
  • Bighorn Scenic Byway
  • Big Spring Scenic Backway
  • Bridger Valley Historic Byway
  • Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway
  • Chief Joseph Scenic Highway
  • Cloud Peak Skyway
  • Flaming Gorge-Green River Basin Scenic Byway
  • Medicine Wheel Passage
  • Mirror Lake Scenic Byway
  • Muddy Creek Historic Backway
  • Red Gulch/Alkali National Back Country Byway
  • Seminoe to Alcova Scenic Backway
  • Snowy Range Scenic Byway
  • South Big Horn/Red Wall Scenic Backway
  • Wind River Canyon Scenic Byway
  • Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway


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